A food and support services company.

Procurement/Ethical Sourcing

Synchrony Australia purchases goods and services from a wide variety of suppliers from large international organisations to specialist local suppliers. Where possible, we source food and ingredients from growers and producers local to our units, purchase from organic producers and participate in fair trade initiatives. We place great emphasis on sustainable sourcing. In dealing with suppliers it is expected that they will meet the requirements of the Synchrony Australia Audit and will demonstrate continuous improvement. As a minimum, our procurement activity will comply with relevant Food Safety and Health & Safety standards, Codes of Practice, Company regulations, laws and standards in the companies in which we operate and will reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable food procurement and corporate responsibility. Synchrony Australia constantly strives to find the right balance between building long-term supply relationships based on the compatibility of values and behaviour, as well as quality and price. Our positive selection of suppliers includes, where practicable, a review of the supplier’s policy and activities in relation to good Corporate Responsibility practices. Our role involves selecting and working with suppliers and our relationship is conducted in accordance with the guiding principles of responsible and ethical trading. As a minimum we will act within the Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative that is an internationally recognised code of labour practice, the key elements of which are: Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected; Working conditions are safe and hygienic; Child labour shall not be used; Living wages are paid; Working hours are not excessive; No discrimination is practised; Regular employment is provided; and No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.