A food and support services company.

Environmental & Sustainability

Each of us at Synchrony Australia has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving food that is always safe to eat and to minimise our impact on the environment. At the very minimum we will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice. In locations where we are not directly responsible for plant and equipment we will liaise with our clients to consider how best to improve the environmental performance of our operations. To ensure each of us play our part in reducing the impact of what we do on the global environment, we have developed a common set of behaviours that are being introduced into all our operations. At Synchrony Australia we have set clear objectives and targets. Specifically, we will: Report on the implementation of and compliance with our Environmental Standards, including our Food waste reduction program. Reduce the CO2 emissions Reduce waste packaging in our supply chain Seek to reduce food costs by increasing the use of seasonally available products sourced from the relevant domestic market Ensure that all our employees are provided with the information, training and tools necessary to implement responsible environmental practice.