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Code Of Conduct Policy Statement

The Code of Conduct applies to everyone working for Synchrony Australia, without exception. This includes temporary and contract staff and is regardless of location, role or level of seniority. We each have a responsibility to make ourselves aware of the contents of the Code of Conduct. Each of us should make sure that we fully understand what is expected from us in our roles and how the policies contained in the Code of Conduct apply to us. As Synchrony Australia employees, we should not engage any contractor, agent, consultant, supplier, client, customer, business partner or any other third party whose business practices conflict with the Code of Conduct. If we are engaging any third party to act on behalf of Synchrony Australia, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are made aware of the Code of Conduct and that they agree to act in accordance with it. Where possible, we should seek a contractual obligation from them to comply with the Code of Conduct and we should actively manage the third party to ensure that they continue to act in accordance with it. Any breaches of the Code of Conduct by third parties or examples of behaviour inconsistent with the Synchrony Australia Values should be reported to our Line Manager. We should seek to eradicate any such behaviour and where necessary, consider terminating the relationship.