A food and support services company.


Our ‘ Grab n Go’ and ‘Desk Service’ food solution built around workplace productivity and wellness of the employees.

The food-on-the-go or at the desk, focuses on freshness, speed of service, value, customization and visual appeal.

‘Go-Desko’ is a well designed open fridge which allows our consumers to “build baskets” or in other words construct meals out of small portions of food items, bottles of healthy drink and/or pieces of fruit. This bite-sized autonomy gives customers an opportunity to build a hearty meal with a variety of flavours, textures, and degrees of healthy choices. It’s a mix-and-match style that makes for exciting meals on the go or at the desk. Food offers may include mini bite size sandwiches, small pots of fresh salads, sushi rolls, vietnamese rice paper rolls, arancini, filos, samosas, calzones, low fat greek yogurt pots and fresh fruit salads. Drinks include fresh coconut water, fruit infused sparkling water, fresh Juices and a variety of spring water.

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