A food and support services company.

Our Value Proposition

Competitive Pricing

Synchrony Australia welcomes the opportunity to provide a price comparison with your current food and support service provider and to discuss the many benefits of synchronizing your workplace.


Our customer service capability exceeds many of our competitors, with personal attention and a passion for quality. Synchrony Australia constantly seeks customer feedback and engages with its clients to make sure that a high level of satisfaction is achieved and stakeholder engagement is at its highest.


With combined experience of more than 40 years within the food service and hospitality industry, our knowledge and skills provide a low risk option for corporate clients wishing to provide new dynamics to their employee benefits via food and support services.

Our People

Our management team is highly experienced and well respected in the industry. With formal qualifications and a wealth of experience across all industry sectors, our managers are passionate and hands-on at all levels ensuring that quality, innovation and client satisfaction are exceeded every day. Our front line catering staff including Chefs, Managers, Catering Assistants, Concierge, Cleaners, Security and Soft Facilities Management staff is highly trained across their job requirements. They also possess a thorough knowledge of food safety, occupational health & safety and environmental standards and procedures.

Environmental Responsibility

We constantly source a range of environmentally responsible and ethically produced products. At all times we aim to source locally where possible and support Australian growers.