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CSIRO Syncs up Food Service

Feb 1, 2016 | News

Synchrony Australia is delighted to have begun providing food and support services to CSIRO in Marsfield, Sydney.

Research shows how significantly the food we eat impacts on brain function and efficiency at work. This makes Synchrony Australia’s job of fueling the brains of Australian scientists very important.  The CSIRO Marsfield site focuses on astronomy and information technology research.

This site was mobilised providing a range of dining options including a hot buffet and grab-n-go options for employees. The concept behind CSIRO food and support services in Marsfield revolves around workplace contemporary cafe solutions where employees of and visitors to the organisation can sit, relax and share in a community hub environment. Visitors and employees at the organisation enjoy fresh coffee from energising breakfasts through to healthy lunch options.

Synchrony Australia is proud of the seamless transition and quality service provided by the skilled and dedicated team. Synchrony Australia continues to grow with our clients to best cater to their food and support service needs.

For more information about the food and support services offered by Synchrony Australia, please get in contact with us.