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About Us

Established in 2014, Synchrony Australia has the industry experience and talent to provide unique, tailored and fully supported solutions for your organisation.

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Our Story

Our ‘Sync Culture’

Our goal is to support individual organisations through providing food services that improve employee wellness, satisfaction and productivity. We strive to sync and develop our services with your organisations unique culture and objectives, ensuring we provide your organisation with a collaborative and transparent partnership.

With so much of our lives centred around food, each and every meal is an opportunity to better improve the lives of those around us. Our business prides itself on our ability to meet the dynamic and complex needs of individual organisations, enhancing employee workplace experience.

“Since launching in 2014 our goal has been simple, to enhance the wellbeing of those we work with.”
– Sumeet Luthra


Synchrony Today

Synchrony Australia provides total outsourced service solutions to organisations in sectors including business and industry, government and education.

Year Established

Meals Prepared... and Counting!

Coffees Served... and counting!

Number of Recipes created... and counting!


Our Food Ethos

Healthy Menus

Delicious and inventive menus catering to all tastes with a clear focus on home-style, healthy and nutritious options.

Quality Ingredients

Menus are designed around seasonal produce, taking into account ingredient freshness and availability.

Keeping it Fresh

We continually assess and expand our range based on individual cultural and health requirements and trends in dining and food retailing.

Range of Cuisines

Our chefs are encouraged to be adventurous, incorporating local and international influences while focusing on quality and variety.

All Diets

We cater for allergies, vegan, lactose intolerance, coeliac (gluten free), kosher and halal diets.

Barista Coffee

Our coffee blend is provided by one of Australia’s leading brands and ensures that clients enjoy fresh and delicious coffee- every time!

Sync Culture

Leadership Team

Our decades of experience in hospitality provide your organisation with specialists who thrive in creating solutions for evolving strategic objectives.

Sumeet Luthra

Sumeet Luthra

Executive Director

Sumeet has 25 years of dynamic Business Strategy & Operational leadership experience which includes expertise in Food and Support Service, Executive Hospitality, Strategic Planning, New Business Development & Retention, Financial Management and International 5 Star Hotels. His rich experience in the collaborative environments enables him to seamlessly integrate with his client’s changing needs and objectives. He is a qualified MBA with a major in Marketing & Supply Chain and a Hotel Management Graduate.
Christina Belcev

Christina Belcev

Strategic Services & Account Manager

Christina has over 15 years’ experience which includes executive hospitality within the food and support services industry. Christina’s ability to enhance partnerships creates robust collaborative environments. As a hotel management graduate within the 5 star hotel market, Christina brings excellence in service, team leadership, and intrinsic account management expertise.
Bill Petrovski

Bill Petrovski

Chief Financial Officer

With over 16 year’s experience, Bill has emerged as a dynamic forward thinker with strong commercial and analytical skills. As a Chartered Accountant, Bill has in-depth knowledge in all areas of accounting and financial management which allows him to provide our clients with insightful, innovative and tailored solutions. Through his entrepreneurial and commercial acumen, Bill enables perceptive business structure advice to guarantee best commercial outcomes for all stakeholders.
Detlef Haupt

Detlef Haupt

Culinary Advisor

Trained in Germany and Switzerland, Detlef worked across the Middle East, Asia and extensively in Australia. His experience encompasses Executive Pastry Chef, Confiseur and Patissier, Consultant and Associate Manager for Food & Beverage throughout Asia before roles as General Manager and Executive Chef.
Kathryn Hawkins

Kathryn Hawkins

Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Advisor

Kathryn Hawkins is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist with years of experience as a private clinician, and more recently as a presenter in corporate nutrition. Kathryn is open and engaging. She thrives on assisting people to reach and maintain health goals by empowering and educating them. She helps workplaces become supportive health environments. Kathryn combines her experience with evidence-based research, to guide the development of effective health strategies.
Pradeep Shinde

Pradeep Shinde

Human Resources Specialist

With more than 20 years’ experience in human resources he is exceptional as a business partner and connecting with people. As a leading HR practitioner he has held many executive roles with international organisations. These include Four Seasons, Hyatt, Shangri-La, Six Sense and Molonglo Group Canberra. Pradeep has joined Synchrony Australia as Human Resources Specialist. He is excited to inject his worldwide experience in driving people engagement and cultural alignment.
Robert Pearson

Robert Pearson

Legal Advisor

Robert Pearson has over 30 years of experience and have rich expertise in areas including Contract Law, Commerical Law and Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Intellectual Property. As a legal adviser, his experience and background provides Synchrony Australia and their clients a robust legal platform to manage all contractual and legal agreements.

Corporate Citizenship

Statements of Commitment


Reducing our environmental footprint and implementing best practice in the management of our operations, processes, products, services and suppliers.


Recruiting and retaining the best talent, as well as creating an environment where diversity is valued and our people are encouraged to develop their skills, contribute to the community and have an effective work/life balance.


Looking out for our customers and the wider community by taking our products and services to market in a responsible and transparent manner, enabling communication access and connection to society.


Building stronger communities through our community investments, financial support, people, products and services with a focus on supporting Australia’s indigenous community in the areas of education, innovation and employment.

Quality Assurance

At Synchrony, we believe that health and safety of our people and customers is our ethical responsibility and essential to the success of the business. SyncSafe is our safety system which provides foundation to build a strong and committed safety culture across all the parameters of our services.


SyncLife is an integrated health and wellness program that is specifically designed to suit the needs of your workplace to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of your staff.


Corporate Responsibility

Synchrony Australia is committed to building a sustainable business model that delivers benefits for our customers, employees, suppliers and the broader community. We continue to integrate corporate responsibility across the business which is reflected in the following statements of commitment:

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct applies to everyone working for Synchrony Australia, without exception. This includes temporary and contract staff and is regardless of location, role or level of seniority. We each have a responsibility to make ourselves aware of the contents of the Code of Conduct. Each of us should make sure that we fully understand what is expected from us in our roles and how the policies contained in the Code of Conduct apply to us. As Synchrony Australia employees, we should not engage any contractor, agent, consultant, supplier, client, customer, business partner or any other third party whose business practices conflict with the Code of Conduct. If we are engaging any third party to act on behalf of Synchrony Australia, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are made aware of the Code of Conduct and that they agree to act in accordance with it. Where possible, we should seek a contractual obligation from them to comply with the Code of Conduct and we should actively manage the third party to ensure that they continue to act in accordance with it. Any breaches of the Code of Conduct by third parties or examples of behaviour inconsistent with the Synchrony Australia Values should be reported to our Line Manager. We should seek to eradicate any such behaviour and where necessary, consider terminating the relationship.
Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Synchrony Australia respects and values the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business and we seek to create a positive, open working environment wherever we operate. In relation to our employees: We are committed to basing our relations with our employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and fair treatment for all; We aim to recruit and promote employees on the basis of their suitability for the job without discrimination; and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual, physical, mental or other harassment of any kind towards our employees. To help us achieve our aims we have developed a simple framework of objectives, measures and actions that focus on the five key areas of people management and development: Attract – recruiting the right people, in the right way and reflecting the diversity of the communities that we work in; Retain – having the right rewards and benefits and work environment for people to want to stay with us; Develop – ensuring that people have the right skills to do their job and develop careers with us; Engage – connecting all our people to our goals, motivating them to achieve them and recognising their achievements; and Perform – having the processes in place to manage and continually improve individual performance. As an employee you must: Treat your colleagues fairly and with dignity and respect. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated; Follow all applicable labour and employment laws. Make sure you are familiar with any applicable local legislation – speak to the HR department for further guidance; and report any instances of breaches of our commitment to equal opportunities. Do not be afraid to speak up – we all have a responsibility to address issues that we become aware of.
Environmental & Sustainability
Each of us at Synchrony Australia has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving food that is always safe to eat and to minimise our impact on the environment. At the very minimum we will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice. In locations where we are not directly responsible for plant and equipment we will liaise with our clients to consider how best to improve the environmental performance of our operations. To ensure each of us play our part in reducing the impact of what we do on the global environment, we have developed a common set of behaviours that are being introduced into all our operations. At Synchrony Australia we have set clear objectives and targets. Specifically, we will: Report on the implementation of and compliance with our Environmental Standards, including our Food waste reduction program. Reduce the CO2 emissions Reduce waste packaging in our supply chain Seek to reduce food costs by increasing the use of seasonally available products sourced from the relevant domestic market Ensure that all our employees are provided with the information, training and tools necessary to implement responsible environmental practice.
Procurement & Ethical Sourcing
Synchrony Australia purchases goods and services from a wide variety of suppliers from large international organisations to specialist local suppliers. Where possible, we source food and ingredients from growers and producers local to our units, purchase from organic producers and participate in fair trade initiatives. We place great emphasis on sustainable sourcing. In dealing with suppliers it is expected that they will meet the requirements of the Synchrony Australia Audit and will demonstrate continuous improvement. As a minimum, our procurement activity will comply with relevant Food Safety and Health & Safety standards, Codes of Practice, Company regulations, laws and standards in the companies in which we operate and will reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable food procurement and corporate responsibility. Synchrony Australia constantly strives to find the right balance between building long-term supply relationships based on the compatibility of values and behaviour, as well as quality and price. Our positive selection of suppliers includes, where practicable, a review of the supplier’s policy and activities in relation to good Corporate Responsibility practices. Our role involves selecting and working with suppliers and our relationship is conducted in accordance with the guiding principles of responsible and ethical trading. As a minimum we will act within the Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative that is an internationally recognised code of labour practice, the key elements of which are: Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected; Working conditions are safe and hygienic; Child labour shall not be used; Living wages are paid; Working hours are not excessive; No discrimination is practised; Regular employment is provided; and No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.
Occupational Health & Safety
Each of us at Synchrony Australia has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving food that is always safe to eat and to minimise our impact on the environment. Our primary concern is the safety of our employees, our customers, our contractors and the wider community. We manage our people and our work practices in a safe and responsible way. At the very minimum we will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice. To ensure best practice we have developed a minimum operating standard and set of behaviours to be practised at every location we operate. These are based on the strictest regulatory requirements and industry best practice and are being introduced into all our operations. We will strive to continuously improve our performance and will regularly measure compliance against these standards. We will implement performance objectives to assure our clients, customers and others who work with us are operating in the safest environment possible. We have set clear objectives and targets against which we will measure and report on our health and safety performance. Specifically, we will: Seek to prevent injury to any employee, customer or contractor Conduct a full risk assessment as soon as practical in taking on any new contract Consider the safety implications of our procurement decisions Ensure that every employee is properly trained to safely perform their work.
Food Safety