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Corporate Hospitality

With a focus on hospitality and food service, Synchrony Australia can assist in providing your company with valuable services that are non-core to your business but which deliver important components to business deals and set the tone for your firm.

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In-house Dining & On-site Cafés

We manage anything and everything to do with your in-house dining and your on-site cafes. From espresso/barista coffee led setups, to fully catered meals and, retail food and beverage offerings.

Pick & Mix, Grab & Go

No time to sit down? Our quick-stop Pick and Mix setup provides a quick and nutritious option for staff who never stop. Grab what you need and keep moving.

Pantry & Grocery Services

Show your employees just how much you love them with a coffee, tea and pantry selection that would rival your Friday cheat days.

Catering for Meetings, Functions & Special Events

From budget to fine dining, let us deliver your next unforgettable meal. We cook every meal like you’re our family; without the heavy lifting.

Vending Machines & Management

Everyone loves a choccy. Help your team get through the afternoon with a quick snack. You pick what goes in and we’ll make sure it’s always topped up.

Barista Services

Nothing will make your team happier than an in-house barista. Available full-time or just for the day, we offer mobile coffee carts and pop ups if needed.


Executive Hospitality

Service is a skill. Anyone can learn the skill of service. Hospitality is however a spirit. Not everyone has the spirit of hospitality. To achieve a premium five star hospitality experience at all key touch points – front of house, food and events, requires a partnership with a company who is ‘like-minded,’ and knows what great hospitality looks like.
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5 Star Concierge

If you or your clients need a little help day-to-day, we’re here to help. In the rare chance we don’t know what to do, we always know someone who does.

Front Desk & Reception Services

Let us take care of your front desk. With access to some of the biggest (and most professional) smiles in Australia, we ensure your first impression counts.

Meeting Room Management

Get more from your meeting rooms. Allow our team to better manage and appoint meeting room allocations, ensuring each and every team member finds the space they need.

Hospitality Management

Along with providing our own hospitality services, we can help manage additional third-party providers that are critical to your business.

Mailroom & Courier Services

Mail handling, high-priority and time-sensitive documents, courier support, and online shopping; we take care of everything.

Client Bookings

If there’s anything we do well, it’s taking care of clients. Let our team support your clients through travel, transport and accommodation bookings through our five star concierge services.

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Our Value Adds

Cleaning Support Services
If there’s anything we do well, it’s taking care of clients. Let our team support your clients through travel, transport and accommodation bookings through our five star concierge services.
Professional and care free washing, drying, folding and ironing.
Soft Facilities Management
If it provides your organisation with a better work space, we love helping. Let our specialists know how we can better support you and your team.
Assisted Facility Management
With decades of experience in hospitality and hotel management, we always have staff available to help support your facilities.
Qualified Dietitian & Nutritionist
All of our food services are developed and backed by a qualified professional. Everything is prepared to ensure a nutritious and well-balanced diet; except the burgers.
Health & Wellness Program
Our SyncLife, a scientifically backed and tailor-made wellness program for your team. Included in all our food based services.
SME Sales & Marketing
With a team of hospitality entrepreneurs, we are always happy to help guide your organisation through anything that help further promote your vision.
People, Culutre & Service Excellence SME
High-quality customer service is what we do. With decades of experience serving across a range of industries, our team can provide professional consultation on how to better serve your customers to improve workplace productivity and experience.
Accredited DISC Facilitation
Better understand the people who make up your organisation by enjoying one of our DISC behavioural sessions, led by one of our qualified facilitators.
In-home Catering for Executive Leadership
Forget the trust falls and let our team provide your leaders with an exceptional dining experience, in whatever location you’d prefer.