A food and support services company.

Our Commitment

Synchrony Australia, has a commitment to ensure that quality systems are in place for all our services. This extends not only to food and support services but also to occupational health, safety and environmental management.

Synchrony Australia’s food and support services are based upon following five pillars of quality assurance and are centre of everything we do:

  • Understanding & Delivering to Clients Organisation Culture and Objectives
  • Operational Excellence
  • Product & Service Innovation
  • Prudent Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management

Quality Management Systems

Synchrony Australia believes that safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and we maintain this through achieving a 'zero harm culture'. Across all our operations we believe that all work related injuries and illnesses are preventable. We support this value with a range of Health and Safety policies and procedures that are based on ISO 9001, HACCP and OHSAS 18001 standards. Our commitment is to achieve a working environment where injuries are considered unacceptable, and no activities are undertaken if the potential to compromise health and safety exists. At Synchrony, we believe that health and safety of our people and customers is our ethical responsibility and essential to the success of the business.


Our safety system which provides foundation to build a strong and committed safety culture across all the parameters of our services. Sync-Safe is a platform under which Food Safety and HSE plans are developed with comprehensive training, testing and auditing.

SyncServices Blueprint (SSB)

Our world class platform which provides our people with best practice standard operating procedures. This enhances our ability to continuously improve the client’s local operating processes across the services.


Our health and Lifestyle system that educates and inspires our customers regarding good nutritional and lifestyle habits.


Our feedback mechanism system. It is based upon our five pillars of quality assurance which measures the performance of the business according to the client's perspective.


Our on-line system to place an order for function catering and other food services.


The set of questions across all parameters of the business for our end consumers to measure performance and ensure continuous improvement.