Poor health is not sustainable in the workplace.Synchrony Australia Food services and Support Services Provider

SyncLife is an integrated health and wellness program that is specifically designed to suit the needs of your workplace to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of your staff.

Healthy employees are almost 3x more productive and 9x less likely to take sick days than their unhealthy colleagues.

Investing in the health of your employees is not only socially responsible, but it also makes commercial sense. Synchrony Australia is committed to streamlining our processes to ensure services are in-sync with our client’s workplace and employee needs.

Tailor-made wellness programs

At Synchrony Australia, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That is why we developed SyncLife, a tailor-built health and wellness solution for your workplace. By aligning with Synchrony Australia as your trusted food and support services provider, your workplace will also benefit from SyncLife, a unique wellness program that is built to suit the needs of your employees and organisation. Synchrony Australia’s personalised approach to health promotion encourages employee participation and sustainable change leading to better health outcomes for employees.

Scientifically backed initiatives

Our unique SyncLife program uses only best practice health and wellness protocols. Developed by accredited health professionals, SyncLife programs utilise initiatives such as environmental cues, behavioral and point-of-decision prompts, clear food labeling and education to improve the wellbeing, cognitive performance and morale of your staff. Multi-component initiatives are used to address poor health habits such as low levels of physical activity, poor eating habits, smoking cessation, and stress management are essential to SyncLife.

In-Sync with your workplace

Unlike other workplace wellness programs, SyncLife is integrated as part of the food and support services – saving your business time, money and minimising stress. Our health experts are specially trained to ensure SyncLife health and wellness programs are integrated and synchronised across your organisation, ensuring consistency throughout communications and food and support services. Synchrony Australia makes your job easier by providing you with a one-stop-shop for non-core business functions such including wellness, food and support services.

To find out how SyncLife can benefit your organisation and increase productivity, please contact us.

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